A Travel Guide to Macau

Unlike many places in Europe and Asia, the backpacking revolution hasn’t really made that much of an impact on Macau.  Part of this may be due to the explosion of Macau casinos, making the area more of a gambling destination over a backpacker’s retreat.  With that said, there are still many backpackers that visit there and need a place to stay.  The hostel scene in Macau is somewhat limited and today we give you a brief overview of the hostels available in Macau, all three of them.

Augusters Lodge

The Augusters Lodge in Macau is modeled after the hostels found in Hong Kong, offering budget accommodations in the center of Macau.  As you would expect to find with many hostels, the rooks are fairly boxy and the beds can be hard as iron.  The one real plus side to this location besides clean bathrooms are that the rooms have in-room air conditioning.

San Va Hospederia

If you want a classic hostel experience, you will want to try one of Macau’s oldest Hostels, the San Va Hosperdaria.  It has been around for nearly a century and is set in a colonial Portuguese building along the Rua De Felicidade.

With that said, don’t expect much in the way of creature comforts as the rooms and dorms are separated by thin partitions and you have squat toilets.  The atmosphere is likened to backpacking around Bombay back in the 1970′s, so this could be perfect for those “retro” types out there.

Ole London Hotel

The Ole London Hotel is still classified as a hostel but recent renovations have turned it into something resembling a hotel rather than an actual hostel.  There are no longer any dormitories but in exchange you do get some of the creature comforts that you don’t see in many hostels including LCD’s, bathtubs, and actual color scheme.  This place is more expensive than a normal hostel but less than your average hotel.  Good for those with a little more money to budget for accommodations.

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