Discovering the Wonders of Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands that offer wonder, beauty and tranquillity to whoever chooses to be enchanted by it. Home to a museum of some of the rarest flora and fauna in the world including the smallest frog, the heaviest land tortoise and the only flightless bird of the Indian Ocean, the islands are breathtaking indeed.

With the variety of islands each with its own unique geography, character and history, island hopping is an ideal holiday activity. Experiencing more than one island will add dimension to your holiday in ways you can never imagine. The islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are among the favourite destinations for island hopping tours.

You can only imagine the wide variety of beaches available in Seychelles. The Anse à la Mouche in the South-Western coast of Mahé is ideal if you have young kids because of its calm bay and shallow clear waters. Even during high tide, the water is shallow. Another popular beach is the Turtle Bay with its narrow beaches that lie close to the coastal road. This area is perfect for snorkelling and general marine excursions and many creatures can be discovered in the rocky outcrops that outline the bay. For those who want more extreme water sports, the Intendance beach in the South of Mahé has white sand and great waves.  These are only a few from the 44 or more choices of beaches that the islands offer.

Beaches, beaches and beaches can get tiring so why not drop by some of the other attractions the islands have to offer?  The Barbara Jenson Studio in La Digue offers a great art experience with different mediums like watercolour, acrylic on paper and canvas.  Barbara’s art is a reflection of the island’s beauty. Seychelles is also home to religious destinations such as the Cathedral of our Lady of Immaculate Conception which is one of the first churches in the island. The Curieuse Marine National park allows visitors to get a glimpse of unique aqua creatures such as giant hump head parrotfish and giant tortoises.

Seychelles also has a wide range of trails ideal for walks that range from easy to moderate and extremely difficult.

Indeed, the islands have so much to offer tourists from stunning beaches to fascinating marine life and art galleries. Make sure you also check out any events that will be held during the month of your travel to have a true taste of the culture and tradition of the island.

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