Balloon Tours over the Grand Canyon Thrills Tourists from the World Over

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the most breath taking sites in the world. It is one of the most popular tourist spot in America if not the whole world. It is nature’s wonder how the Colorado River formed the canyon that extends 277 miles long, 4 to 18 miles wide, and 6,000 feet deep.

Discovering the Grand Canyon National Park is an exciting and exhilarating experience. There are a lot of activities that will help you explore the Grand Canyon in different perspectives:

* Walking or Hiking around designated tourist paths
* Rent a vehicle and tour the park with your family
* Join other groups and take a bus tour
* Be like a cowboy and ride a donkey down the gorge
* Luxuriously rent a Helicopter
* Splash your way with available rafting tours
* Roll down the river ring boats

The possibilities are endless and each of these options will let you see the Grand Canyon in different aspects. You can also try hot air ballooning to explore this nature’s wonder while riding the winds.

Hot Air Ballooning Provides Pure Delight

You cannot just stand by the metal rails and enjoy the water mists in the air. You just can’t let the experience of being one with nature when you are in the Grand Canyon Park. Hot air ballooning to see the vastness of the canyon is a wonderful experience.

Riding a balloon gives a unique thrill. You cannot ride a hot air balloon everyday. The ride is a lot peaceful than renting a chopper so you can quietly appreciate the beauty of the landform and the rushing river.

While riding the balloon you can enjoy the lift of the calm winds and be one with the elements. Enjoy the sun on your skin and breathe in fresh air. When you are up there you will know more why you a lot of people are mesmerized with the magnificence of the Grand Canyon.

Afloat in a Balloon over the Canyon

If you are ballooning over the Grand Canyon it is best to dress in layers. Note that these rides are timed at dawn or dusk when the winds are at their friendliest speeds. It may be a bit cold in the altitude where you will cruise or it may be a bit warm when the sun is already up.

There is nothing to be scared of when riding a balloon. It will be an experience of lifetime that you will never forget. Some may be in doubt of entrusting their lives with a pilot and the hot air balloon, but it is totally safe.

The hot air balloon just follows a basic science concept— hot air floats. So the balloon is controlled by the pilot by heating up the air so you will rise and lowering down the flame so you will gradually descend.

The speed will vary depending on your altitude and direction. There is also no need to worry about feeling the wind on your face because the balloon actually floats on top of the gust. The balloon will glide over the air and provide you smooth, enjoyable tour.

From above, you can appreciate the play of light and shadow. You can also see the striations on the rock formations that are from the Paleozoic Era. The Grand Canyon is renowned for the long range and wide sequence of archaic rocks. You can also see how the river traverses the gorge and appreciate like how birds see them from the sky.

The Grand Canyon hot air balloon tours give you an opportunity to see one of the nature’s wonders from a different perspective. When you ride the balloon, don’t forget to bring your cameras and preserve the memories.

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