Mountains of Mexico

Discover the Secrets Deep in the Mountains of Northern Mexico

If you love the great outdoors then you will love a hike through Las Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon in English) located deep in the mountains of northern Mexico.  .  The name belies its true identity since it is not just one canyon but an entire series of canyons all intertwined with each other.  These canyons run far deeper than the popular Grand Canyon in the United States with at least one of them as deep as 6,100 ft.

Nestled deep in the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain Range lies this perfect natural wonder filled with amazing surprises for those who venture within its regions.

You can begin your journey on one of the highest plateaus.  There the crisp, cool climate is home to 15 different kinds of pines and 25 kinds of oak trees.  Sprinkled in among the scene are assorted poplars and junipers.  For the better part of the year the climate here is very cold but the summertime brings in an array of beautiful flowers that serve as food and medicine for the native Tarahumara people.

Here you can take a ride on the rails through a chain of quaint little villages each giving you a different glimpse of the local nature and people.  Get off the train at the Bahuichivo station and take the bus to Cerocahui.  This small village like atmosphere will give you an up close and personal view of the historic buildings that include a Jesuit temple built as far back as 1680 and the San Francisco Javier Mission.  As you walk their streets listen for the sounds of the native Tarahumara as they chat away in their distinctively unique tongue.  A 5 mile hiking tour will delight you with a view of the wonders of nature that include a waterfall, natural pools and exotic birds and flora all around you.

As you leave the highest elevations you will notice sudden temperature changes.  In one region you can find yourself completely surrounded by pine forests and cool breezes and suddenly that you have been ensconced in a tropical paradise with bananas, avocados and other exotic fruits all around you.  At each station as you descend through the Canyon you will find surprises that are filled with adventure and beauty.

Whether you love the adrenaline pumping activities like climbing to the peak of a mountain and quickly rappelling yourself back down to the bottom or just meandering through the beautiful wildflowers you will find your heart’s delight somewhere on one of the many levels of the Copper Canyon chain.

Talking with the local people you will learn about their rich Tarahumara past.  How they fled deep into these Canyons five hundred years before to escape the onslaught of the invading Spaniards.  Their local word chabochi is used to describe anyone who is not Tarahumara.  It came from their first encounter with the Spaniards when they saw these encroaching strangers with strange weapons and horses.  But what was even more amazing to them was the strange growth of facial hair.  The name given to these outsiders was the word chabochi which literally means “the person with spiderwebs on his face.”  Mostly private people they will likely be just as fascinated with you as you will be with them.

No matter where you go in the depths of the Copper Canyon you will find something especially designed to whet your appetite.  If you appreciate the historically telling art of architecture around the world you will find plenty to admire and talk about in the village of El Fuerte.  With their beautiful colonial mansions or their City Hall buildings their designs all tell a story that is unique to the region.

Or perhaps you are one that values and enjoys the delights of trying the local cuisine.  The wide range of colorful foods and tasty delectable are enough to make you never want to leave.

This region holds 30 percent of Mexico’s wildlife with a host of bears, pumas, otters, deer, wolves and at least 400 different species of birds making this location their home Copper Canyon is a world tucked deep within our own holding secrets that are just waiting for you to discover.  So, when you want to get away from the crazy hustle and bustle of city life, make your escape and explore the Las Barrancas del Cobre and discover life.

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