The most beautiful places in Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands offer many holiday destinations from the amazing water parks of Tenerife to the beautiful beaches of Lanzarote or the picturesque places of Gran Canaria which is what this article is all about so if you’re an aspiring travel photographer or a natural loving hiker you’ll be in for a treat!

Valley of Agaete

Agaete is a village found in the North west of Gran Canaria which is well known for its beautiful valley found behind the village and it’s quite well hidden but it’s well worth a visit featuring different types of trees the likes of Mango, Avocado and Orange also they’re vineyards to be seen in the valley, it really is the most beautiful valley in the whole of Gran Canaria so do be sure to take a visit to Agaete.

Bandama Caldera

The Bandama Caldera gives you views of an extraordinary natural attraction in the shape of a huge 1km across volcanic crater. The crater is a result of an explosion and is one of the biggest types of craters in the world and it’s certainly a place for any natural lovers or hikers who can stroll around the crater getting spectacular views. When moving past the crater you’ll discover a platform where you’ll get some incredible panoramic views of the mountains in the background.

Puerto de Mogan

One thing is for sure when visiting this fishing village in the south-west of Gran Canaria do remember to take your camera as this is one of the most picturesque places you’ll find on the island. It’s a village which attracts many tourists all year round and is a must for anyone planning on visiting Gran Canaria, they’re restaurants and bars lined up all along the beach front and harbour. It really is a place where you can take a gentle stroll whilst taking in all the scenic views and afterwards why not go for a nice bite to eat whilst taking in the gorgeous sunset over the picturesque harbour.

Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo is one of the most famous landmarks in the whole of Gran Canaria which is a monolith feature at 80m in height. What’s fascinating about the Roque Nublo is that it was created by a volcanic eruption 4.5 million years ago and you may well notice that if you visit this attraction in the summer it may well be heaving with tourists. You’ll get some outstanding views from Roque Nublo especially on a clear day where you’ll be able to see the third largest volcano in the world Mount Teide over in Tenerife. The attraction is only a 30 minute walk from the parking lot so don’t worry and trust me a 30 minute walk to this attraction will be worth it for sure!

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