Monte Carlo Glamorous City Break

Are you into luxurious holidays? Does your dream travel destination seem to be a sparkling place? Well then, Monte Carlo is definitely the perfect choice for you.

Defined by wealth, glamour and sophistication, Monte Carlo is the striking combination of spectacular city break and ideal sunshine getaway. No wonder you start thinking about royalty treatment because there is something high class here.

Indeed, Monte Carlo is an exclusive destination for the rich and famous. Nevertheless, if you have a flare for travel bargain, you can find less expensive accommodations and make very good deals with travel tickets. Do not worry about your travel expenses because everything you experience here will be truly unique and well worthy.

Monte Carlo’s main attractions

Even the name Monte Carlo creates in your mind a vision of glamour and style. Because it is a tax free princedom surrounded by France and the Alps it has developed into a major attraction for travellers out there and for business people. Given its tremendous economic potential there are plenty of things to do and see in Monte Carlo.

Start with a special coffee served at Belle Époque Café de Paris while watching the sunset on that splashes the cluster of Bentleys and Lamborghinis that roll on the nearby streets.

Continue your promenade with a visit at the Monaco Cathedral. If you go to Monte Carlo in the September- June season you will get the chance to hear the angelic Monaco boys’ choir performance.

If chocolate is your ultimate pleasure you must indulge your sweet senses at Monaco Chocolaterie. You will taste handmade chocolates made with lavender, pistachio and orange, seasoned with a thin layer of almond paste.

Music brings peace to your soul it is said; then you should see a play on the Monte-Carlo Opera house stage.

The beaches of Monte Carlo are also an important spot. Don’t miss out the calm atmosphere that embraces the elite restaurants. After sunset, the energy levels hit the roof and the night is filled with music and champagne.

Given the prosperity of the people of Monte Carlo, this is the place where you will encounter a wide choice of gourmet restaurants, many of which boast even five Michelin stars, but there is also a range of simply traditional restaurants in the Old Town and Monaco harbour.

When the sun rises everyone comes out and wanders on the streets while seeking to catch the atmosphere of this unique European corner. Or maybe some of them still want to try their luck in one of Monte Carlo casinos. A Monte Carlo holiday is a once in a lifetime experience.

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