Holiday Inspiration: What Does Bodrum Have to Offer?

When people talk about going on a Mediterranean holiday you probably start to think about a familiar destination visited for a week or two in the summer on numerous occasions. Whether this be the Spanish Costas or Portugal’s Algarve, which both boast splendid stretches of coastline, the familiarity of southern European cultures offer something that draw us back again and again.

However the Mediterranean Sea stretches eastwards to the region where the historical continents and cultures of the West and the East meet. This meeting of cultures is nowhere truer than in Turkey.

In recent years the country has become an extremely important tourist destination. Brilliant beach holidays have more recently combined with ski breaks in the country’s mountain ranges, thus making Turkey a firm year-round attraction on the holiday map.

It is the beach holidays however that continues to be the major appeal of this country, twinned with a selection of historical and cultural sights unmatched elsewhere.

In the south-west region of Turkey around the Aegean Sea lies the Bodrum Peninsula, named after the major historical town of Bodrum itself. With a history that stretches back thousands of years, Bodrum has built a reputation as one of the best Turkish holiday destinations of all.

The town is an historic port and maintains this aspect today as a centre for the international yachting community. Bodrum Harbour is a bustling hub of activity with plenty to see and do.

There are many other attractions for a holiday in Bodrum though, foremost among them being Bodrum Castle, also known as the Castle of Saint Peter. The imposing edifice was built by the Crusaders in the 15th century and offers a unique view of the town and surrounding area.

The castle grounds are also the site of wonderful gardens and the Museum of Underwater Archaeology and the Ancient Amphitheatre. This site is over 2,000 years old is easily found as it is situated next to the main highway.

Of course it isn’t just the historical side of things that brings tourists flocking to Bodrum – there is also the fact that some of the beaches are the finest you will find anywhere in the region.

A major attraction on the Bodrum Peninsula is Bitez beach which is famous for its narrow stretch of golden sand which runs for miles and has an extremely shallow descent into the clear blue Aegean waters.

Another place to look out for is the resort of Gumbet where the activity revolves around the stunning beach and the cafes, bars and restaurants make for a busy daytime cosmopolitan mix of old and new. Gumbet also offers a vibrant nightlife with a good selection of clubs and bars catering for a range of tastes.

Choosing a holiday to Bodrum is easy as it is a popular choice and most of the top travel companies such as Co-op Travel offer some great bargains all year round. As with most things, a little time checking the internet will give you some great options that could also save you money.

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