Best UK Countryside Destinations

The cities throughout the UK are always popular, however, there is so much more on offer outside the hustle and bustle. If you venture into the countryside, you will be able to explore the stunning scenery, and amazing places that are on offer. There are a huge number of top destinations to choose, and once you discover the best ones, you will return time and time again.

Canterbury is beautiful and attracts many visitors every year who want to visit the magnificent cathedral which stands proudly in the city. This partly walled city has many other attractions, and beautiful reasons to spend some time exploring. With amazing walking and cycling routes, you will never tire of what is around the next corner.

Henley-on-Thames is home to the annual Royal Regatta, which is an exciting time to visit, with everyone in their flannel trousers and boaters. There are fantastic towpath routes for enthusiastic walkers of all ages making this the ideal place for family breaks. The rowing museum may not sound interesting; however, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Lancashire is home to the most beautiful views, and excellent hiking ensuring that you have the chance to enjoy the rugged landscape. Regardless of the time of the year that you visit, there will always be a warm welcome from the incredibly friendly people. You will need to visit the excellent farmers markets, which offer top quality local produce at an amazing price.

Somerset has been a popular holiday destination for generations, and once you have visited you will discover why people return time and time again. The Swan Hotel is a perfect example of the ancient history in the area, as you step back in time with this 600 year old building. You can enjoy the modern amenities in excellent surroundings.

The Lake District is incredible and has so much to offer every generation, from the smallest children, to the oldest grandparents. If you enjoy outdoor activities, this area is perfect for you, and will ensure that you are kept busy. Whilst out hiking, you can enjoy the famous Kendal Mint cake in one of the many cafes along the way.

Devon offers some of the most rugged landscapes, and stunning coastline in the UK, and will ensure that you get fully back to nature. The food and drink in this area is amazing, and here is no better place to experience fresh, local seafood. Surfing is of course a popular activity, and something that you have to join in with when in the area.

Suffolk is considered the perfect countryside break for all the family and will provide the ultimate mix of heritage and history. With top quality attractions on offer, you will feel better informed about English history and everything than Britain has to offer. Staying at the Priory Hotel ensures that you are close enough to explore the surroundings.

Next time you want to take a break, or visit somewhere in the UK, choosing the countryside is perfect for everyone. You can get back to nature, enjoy the peace and quiet, and spend quality time with the family. Regardless of where you choose in the UK, you will soon discover there is no better place in the world.

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