Sao Miguel – An island where nature lives – Azores, Portugal

Well, if last week ended superbly with a fabulous on-line trip to Mexico with Kathleen let me tell you that this week start is no different. Thanks to Nuno we’ll be able to learn a bit more about the beautiful Portuguese Island of São Miguel in the Azores archipelago, for sure a destination to consider in a future holiday planing 🙂

The island of Sao Miguel is known for being the largest island of Azores and the most populated and visited in the archipelago. Still there are some hidden secrets that I recommend to visit in this island.

If you take a flight or a cruise to the island, you will begin by visiting the largest city in the archipelago: Ponta Delgada. This city has some attractions such as the “Portas do Mar” (where the cruises stop and is considered as the marina of Ponta Delgada) and the Church “Matriz”. Also when passing in this city, tasting the local cuisine is essential.

By leaving the city, you will see that the rest of the island is very natural in terms of landscape and that the green tones are very intense on the roads of the island. The old roads (now is being made a new one called SCUT) have many years and are used by regional producers since they are extremely close to the fields.

Other spaces that are essential for a visit in this island are: Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, the Pools of Lagoa (several pools with entry fee), The Boilers of Furnas, The Lagoon of Furnas, The Lagoon of Fire (photo bellow), The Natural Pool in the Nordeste, the Lagoon of Sete Cidades (photo above) and some of the viewing points around the regional roads.

If you enjoy abundant natural scenery (which are recognized by National Geographic), the island of Sao Miguel is one of the best choices to spend a nice holiday guaranteed. Those who visit this magnificent island have a desire to re-visit again.

And yes, I can validate Nuno’s last paragraph, absolutely correct! Been there with my folks when I was little and the wish to re-visit is here 🙂 Who knows, maybe someday it will be me taking my kids there…

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